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Field Goose Hunting Rules Of Thumb

If you are serious about goose hunting then you are invariably going to be hunting in the fields.  Geese love the water, but more for resting and relaxing than for eating, and that means that patterning them consistently on the water is a challenge.  Plus once you find out where they roost you will get one good day of hunting.  And then they will be gone for good.  Nothing ends quality goose hunting in a specific area better than busting up a roost.  Now, hunting in a field can be as simple as driving around, finding a field where the geese are, setting up the next morning and shooting your limit, but if that isn't your gig on a routine basis, some goose hunting rules of thumb are needed to continue to be successful in the field.  With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you get more consistent hunting in the future:

Setup your Goose Decoys On the Highest Point In A Field

Geese are very visible creatures.  They look from miles away to see what is going on and where a healthy food supply awaits.  You would be surprised how far they can see once they are up in the air.  That said, if you are down in a valley or not on the highest point in the field you have permission to hunt, they are far less likely to see you.  You want them to see your decoys easily and make their way towards your spread once they get up in the air, and for that to happen the highest point is also the most visible point.

Avoid Standing Corn Or Woods If At All Possible

Geese are smart birds.  They know that tall corn and trees are the source of a lot of things that can harm them.  In addition to you and I lying in wait amongst the trees and standing corn over the years, there are also many predators that can easily hide in these areas.  For that reason geese are hesitant to make their way too close to such a spot.  Unless you have a great reason I would avoid these spots altogether.

Find A Way To Remain Completely Hidden

The key to continued success in the hunting game is two key areas, scouting and concealment.  Layout blinds are possibly the greatest thing invented for field hunting geese in the past twenty years as they allow for portability coupled with top notch concealment.  If you don't have a layout blind, laying in the decoys or finding a low hedgerow are also options.  Geese have keen eyesight, so sticking out like a sore thumb will get you no shots and you will continue to be frustrated.

Put The Birds To Bed

A common technique that is bandied about is to scout around in the afternoon until you locate birds.  And not just a small flock or two, a heaping bunch of them using one field.  If you don't already, go and obtain permission to hunt the field and then get back and make sure that the geese stay in the field until dusk.  They will leave that evening/night at some point and then you can get there before they come back the next morning.  This may take a lot of miles and time, but it will pay off in spades when the geese are landing in your face.

So there you have it, a plethora of great rules of thumb to take with you the next time you are planning on goose hunting out in the fields.  If you utilize these techniques, a more successful hunting season awaits.

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