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Goose Stuffers – A real to your decoy spread

Having trouble getting geese to land in your decoy spread? One little used trick is to use goose stuffers in your decoy spread. What is a goose stuffer? A goose stuffer is a real Canadian goose that has been mounted by a taxidermist. These real birds will create the most life like presentation that is possible in a decoy spread since they are real birds.

The secret to goose stuffers! This is not taxidermy that is going on your wall - this just needs to be a okay job. Even with a do it yourself taxidermy video, anyone should be able to create a goose stuffer in a hour or two. It only takes a couple to add realism to the goose spread. If used with full bodied, flocked decoys you will suddenly have a tremendous life like goose spread.

When making a goose stuffer, keep in mind it needs to be fairly durable. This means you need to use some heavy wire for support on the wings and neck to give the stuffer an added dimension of durability.

Give this little used technique a try and you will not be disappointed.

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