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Why are their so many snow geese?

Why are their so many snow geese today compared to 20 years ago?  I was doing some research today on the Journal of Wildlife Management and I learned some interesting facts about snow geese and the size of their brood.

Many people suspect that the reason snow geese have grown so much in population is that the predators in the artic are less than ever, therefore no competiton yields more geese.  When in fact this is not true - today there are as many artic fox's as ever and now there is evidence that the polar bear due to a shrinking ice cap is adding snow geese to their diet.  So what then is causing the massive increase in snow geese?

The research indicates that the evidence is that related to the amount of fat reserves a goose has once breeding season starts.   The clutch size is directly related to the nutrient reserves after migration.  So what does this mean for a snow goose hunter.  A snow goose is going to feed heavily in migration to keep the nutrients high to produce high amounts of chicks.  Therefore it is important to hunt where food is abundant.  The geese will hang around a day or two where their is food.  Since snow geese eat vegitation naturally look for open areas around rivers and water in the north migration for feeding geese.

The use of many cheap snow goose decoys in your spread will entice the geese to think food is abundant.

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2 Responses to “Why are their so many snow geese?”

  1. By Rex on Aug 14, 2009 | Reply

    as a kid we were hunting doves and my father said “you know how to count how many doves are in a flock when they fly over?” I said NO.
    He said “count their feet and divide by two”
    will add you to my blogroll, you also need to join us at the Oudoor Bloggers Summit.

  2. By twincv1 on Sep 8, 2009 | Reply


    That is a good one! I can’t imagine counting the feet on doves, they are hard enough to see their entire body when I hunt them!

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