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Canada Goose Hunting

When most people hear the term "goose hunting" there immediately think of the Canada goose.  Perhaps given the establishment of the spring snow goose season you would think of snow goose hunting instead, but the majority of people are still thinking Canadas.  And the beauty of Canada goose hunting is that there is a method to the madness of hunting Canadas and if you play your cards right you can get geese up in your face for some quality shooting.  With that as a backdrop let's look at all the things that go into hunting Canadas.

How many decoys should I use when Canada goose hunting?

When it comes to waterfowl hunting it almost invariably starts with decoys.  And it is no different here, goose decoys are paramount to success.  And these days there are a plethora of kinds, manufacturers and finishes to pick from.  And when it comes to quantity there never can seem to be enough.   Some general rules to keep in mind.  The closer to your layout blinds the decoys are the better quality you should be striving to have.  Full body goose decoys with flocked heads are just about the best out there and especially realistically looking.  Put these at close to your goose blind as possible.  It would be ideal to have hundreds of these throughout your entire spread, but given the economics of just about every hunter on the planet this isn't realistic.  Therefore filling in with shell goose decoys is a prudent move.  Finding some carry lite goose decoys for sale or a similar bargain brand like Flambeau is a great way to go.  Really depending on the area you are hunting has the biggest impact on how many decoys you should use.  In general at least a few dozen if you are seriously targeting geese, otherwise tailor it accordingly.  Spreads of 10 to 15 dozen high quality decoys are known to pull geese in for quality shots.

Where to hunt Canada Geese?

When it comes to hunting these geese the thing to remember is that they basically are creatures of habit.  This is mostly by design as any extra energy expended that isn't necessary takes away from their ability to get south in good shape (or for that matter back north in the spring to mate).  So things to remember when looking for geese.  They need to eat, drink and sleep.  Pretty similar to human beings as a matter of fact.  That being said, the most important thing to do when you are thinking of hunting canada geese is to scout, scout and scout.  And when you are done with that scout a bit more.  Being in the right spot is paramount to success.  This is the same in all areas of hunting, but especially with goose hunting.

If you find the geese lounging around in a pond you have a spot that you could conceivably hunt.  The problem is that this probably is where they spend their time resting and is known in goose hunting circles as the roost.  The first hunt on the roost can be a real doozy.  The problem is that then they will move to greener pastures (or perhaps more succinct a calmer place that they won't be bothered).   Knowing where the roost is can be very beneficial, however.  The key being to use this as a home base of sorts and move out from there in a radius searching for places that they will be feeding.  Corn, soybeans and wheat fields are all known producers of geese.  And the farmers likely don't want the geese in there eating all of their crops so you have a mutually beneficial proposition for both parties.

A couple of final spots to consider is a field that is between the roost and the ever moving feeding field where you can "run traffic".  The idea here is to peel a couple geese here and there into your spread as they pass to the field that the majority of birds are eating in.  This can be surprisingly effective if you are good with a goose call and are well hidden.  The other spot to consider is a large lake in close proximity to a feeding field.  The geese will often times go to the lake for a quick rest before either heading back to feed or heading back to the roost.  This is often the tactic of duck hunters that shoot the random goose, but can be effective as a method for serious goose hunters as well.

How should I hide while goose hunting?

When it comes to continued success in the hunting realm the only thing more important to success than concealment is being in the right spot.  So first and foremost be in the right spot and as close to the exact right spot as possible.  At that point it becomes time to figure out a way to remain hidden while the geese are finishing.  The advent of the layout blind has been a very important addition to goose hunting gear.  This portable blind has sufficient comfort and provides amazing concealment for the goose hunter.  Other options include a dug out pit blind or simply laying out in the field.  A pit blind is likely the most comfortable option, but finding a field that is always hot is the key here.  Pits are not movable, but layout blinds are.  If you are serious about the run and gun philosophy of the modern goose hunter I would begin looking in earnest for a great layout blind for sale.

Which Calls Should I Use For Canadas?

Canada geese are vocal birds.  Plain and simply, you cannot enjoy continued success in the field without at least becoming a little proficient with the use of a goose call.  Goose calls have come a long way over the years and continue to evolve into better instruments.  The recently new advent of the short reed goose call has really taken goose calling to a whole new level.  The range possible with a short reed call is very impressive.  In the hands of a proficient caller it really sounds like an actual goose.  The problem is that it takes a bit of work to get to that point.  Check out our great post and video on "how to blow a short reed goose call" and see for yourself.

A much simpler and popular model is the goose flute.  The range isn't as impressive as a short reed call, but the ease of use and quality sound for basic goose calls takes a back seat to no one.  Your standard "honk" and cluck are easily made with this call and you can fool many a goose while you are at it.

When it comes to Canada goose hunting there really can not be enough said for the in your face action that is possible.  Given the burgeoning population in many states for these geese the access has never been better.  Check out the tips and tricks above to get an idea for great ways to become successful at consistently putting these wary birds into your game bag.

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