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Canadian Goose Hunting

Perhaps there is no greater challenge in goose hunting than bagging that greater Canada goose.  These beasts of the sky are wary and hard to bring down.  I have personally seen a goose take a lot of steel and keep flying.  Even today's high tech goose loads have a hard time bringing a goose down if not placed where it catches vital organs.  This is a key thing to consider when Canadian goose hunting : Can you find a way to get these birds in close range!  If you are constantly taking shots at birds 40 to 50 yards away that is a recipe for being unsuccessful.  Here are short reed goose calls we try to be successful whenever possible!  To that end, here is a smattering of tips and trick to make your day in the goose blind more successful this fall.

First and foremost, goose decoys are almost a must if you want to have continued success.  Sure you can jump ponds and find ways into geese, but for week in and week out success you need to bring the birds to you.  In order for that to happen you need to bring the birds into your goose decoy spreads.  If you watch one of the many great goose hunting videos out there today you will see that they all start with a high quality spread.   Sure they are very good with their goose calls and concealment is a must, but getting the geese to go where you want is imperative.  A large spread of Canada goose decoys goes a long way to letting them know that everything is all right here on the ground.

On to concealment.  I likely should have had this the paragraph before.  Concealment is king after finding the right location.  Goose hunting is a moving man's game, and therefore you must be able to adapt to multiple spots and be able to remain hidden in all of them.  Thankfully, the advent of layout blinds has made this much easier and you would be surprised at how many different places they can keep a hunter hidden.  Simply use the local cover on top of your blind and you are set.  On top of that, they are extremely portable and allow you to go wherever you want easier than just about any type of blind out there.

Finally, for continued success you are going to need to be at least an adequate caller.  The range and realistic sound of the short reed goose call is a great thing for those that are serious about Canadian goose hunting, but if you are starting out stick with the goose flute.  Sure it doesn't go into all the clucks and different pitches, but it is easy to blow and produces an excellent single cluck.  If you are going to go the route of the short reed, take a look at our "how to blow a short reed goose call" page and see what you need to know to be successful with them.

When you are out Canada goose hunting this fall make sure to get those birds close in to increase you chances at bagging a limit.  They are a fun bird to hunt, but they are quite wary and tough to bring down.  If you do it right, you may even have some leg bands to attach to your goose call lanyards and bet the envy of your friends!

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