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Spring Snow Goose Hunting

When it comes to goose hunting, perhaps nothing is as big of a spectacle than the spring snow goose hunting season.  The sheer number of birds is truly something to behold.  On top of that how often does anyone get to hunt in the spring?  For this reason alone many people have taken up the sport.  This, of course, isn't even taking into consideration the fact that the limits on snow geese in the spring is big or even unlimited in some locales.  Add these three things together and you have the making of quite an impressive season in which to participate.

There are some key things to remember if you decide to chase snows across their flight north in the spring.  The first is that they travel in enormous flocks.  When you are looking for a place to hunt these birds, you need to be looking for thousands of birds, not the hundreds you would in a fall Canada goose hunting trip.  Simply check out any snow goose hunting videos and you will see what I mean.  Flocks of ten thousands birds is pretty common in the spring flight.  So if you come across a group of 50 birds I wouldn't get too excited.  Keep looking and you will find what you are going to need in terms of numbers to have a successful hunt.  One of the amazing things to me is the number of birds you need to have in your area for a quality hunt.  I'm used to being able to target a reasonably small number of birds (say one thousand) and feel confident that I will have a successful time Canada goose hunting.  That isn't the case with snows.  You really need to be near a huge population for success.

When it comes to snow goose decoys, the more the better.  These birds are known to travel in 10,000 bird flocks so a lot of white on the ground is required to get their attention.  Silosock decoys are almost a must as putting out a thousand full body goose decoys is far too time consuming and who has room for that many full bodies in a trailer!  Make sure to have the decoys very spread out and visitable.  You really want the spread to look enormous from the air.  Putting a line of decoys out 150 yards is a pretty common occurence.

The spring hunt allows for electronic callers, so it you have any chance at going that route I would do it as opposed to blowing your own snow goose calls.  This isn't to say that won't work, it will.  Just that the actual real deal Holyfield taped and played over speakers is easier to sustain for an entire day and it sounds more realistic.  You may need to work with amplifiers and so forth if you want to place the speakers in several locations in your spread.

When it comes to goose blinds, it is pretty hard to beat layout blinds for ease of transport, ease of packing up and moving to another field and comfort.  Just make sure to use whatever surrounding cover you have to hide them.  A key reason some hunters are more successful than others is concealment.  The ones that are freaks about hiding are the ones that have the most success in the goose blind.

You can try to use goose flags, but as a general rule they aren't employed as much in this spring season as it is in the fall while sitting in your Canada goose decoys.    Movement is always a good thing, just know that it isn't a major player with guides and such in the spring.

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